Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Macro Green Plant Testing V

Macro fun.. Just testing some stuff out..

Macro Green Plant Testing V

Ok, so I don't have a macro lens, so I am using what I have :). Not too bad, just messing around.

Dog Park Morning XIII

Ok, last one of the night as I am tired. This guy looks just like my dog Lucky, which I had when I was a youngin'. Love the serious look on his face. He was checking things out.

Velvia high on the processing.

Dog Park Morning XII

When I shot this dog, I didn't think it was going to be anything at all. I think I mis-judged him by a whole bunch. Glad I decided to just shoot away. I love how this guy turned out. So fluffy!

Velvia high on the processing.

Dog Park Morning XI

This was my favourite dog on the day. So majestic. He came running at me at a nice slow jog and I was able to capture a few good shots. Cinema low on the processing.

I would like to own a dog just like this.

Dog Park Morning III

This was my second favorite dog on the day, so fluffy and friendly. "Cinema low" on the processing.

Dog Park Morning V

I like this close-up. Such a serious looking dog.. Provia low for the processing on this one..

Dog Park Morning X

This shot looks like it would make a fun postcard or greeting card. Maybe one of those "From all of us" kind of themes? Fun shot. Used Provia low for processing.

It's much more fun with three..

Dog Park Morning IX

I thought this was pretty cute when the three of them were tugging on the mother of all fetch sticks. Very pleased to get this shot as well as practice "action" shots.

Dogs are fun.

Dog Park Morning VIII

What an amazing dog.. Agfa-low processing here.. Still getting the hang of that..

Mya Siberian Husky I

It was hard to choose which dog I liked the most today at the dog park, but this girl here was really special. This is exactly the kind of dog I would like to own at some point. What a beautiful animal.

Definitely top 3 on the day.

Dog Park Storyboard IV

Just playing with the shapes of the storyboards here. So many shots, hard to choose favourites.

Dog Park Storyboard II

Ok, a different shaped storyboard, with less shots.

Dog Park Storyboard I

Ok, second attempt at a storyboard - I kind of like the idea of these, although mine don't tell a story yet (it's not lost on me, working on it).

Had a lot of fun at the dog park today. A lot of amazing animals. Shooting them is pretty difficult as they never stop moving. Anyhow, lots of fun making these.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fireworks at Winterlude 2011 Storyboard I

This is my first attempt at making a storyboard. I saw this idea done at another photographer's site so I thought I would try it. Not sure how this will look. It's hard to take photo's at night, especially of moving fireworks :) I thought these were kinda cool looking.

Really not sure how to process these guys. I'm sure practice would be helpful with this photo type.

MVP Hockey Trophy II

Ok, used Cinema Middle for the processing. I think this version looks better. The lighting wasn't too bad in this one. Three light sources seems to be working fairly well. I would love to go buy more kit, but I better hold off and learn with what I have.

Candle Photography Test IV

Again, was testing the lights and how they bounce off glass. The background looks kind of cool in this shot, eh? Took this at night, but you'd swear it was the daytime (although that might be my lighting in-experience).

MVP Hockey Trophy I

In celebration of nemo's awesome 2010/11 Hockey season, winning a tournament, MVP, player of the game, 25 goals, 7 assists. So proud.

He also helped me light this scene as well as added to the concept (thanks!) Was playing with placement of studio lights. It takes quite a bit of thought, once you get going. Pressing "on" isn't exactly all that is needed. The remote for the camera is really helpful.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Orange Bromeliad At Night III

Velvia Middle used on this one.. Still not sure which settings to use.. This one has too much direct light, I think..

Orange Bromeliad At Night II

Ok, so different pose, different lighting. I believe that I am holding two 250w lights, directly over head (while spraying water for that indoor rain technique) with another 1500w coming from the left, diffused with an umbrella and it sorta works. Still not sure if I am getting the processing right.

Orange Bromeliad At Night I

Trying to see how light reflects off this subject at night, what a difference. The daylight really adds something.. Cross-process high was used. It's coming..

Histograms? Sounds like math

Was reading an interesting article on histograms and what they are used for. I had no idea, although I did hear it on a photography documentary. Interesting stuff. Click the image for the link (Thanks, Michael Frye).

Orange Bromeliad V

Ok, so this one is processed a little differently and also smaller size. Still making my way through all this fun stuff.

Orange Bromeliad IV

..and lost shot, final processing type. Subtle changes, so far I think I like III the best. Fun.

Orange Bromeliad III

..and once again, a different post-processing. I think it's going to take awhile to master how to process a nice shot. I wonder if they give classes on just "post-processing".

Orange Bromeliad II

..and a different kind of processing on this shot.. Not sure which I like best yet.

Orange Bromeliad I

Doing some more photography tests, this time with an orange plant. Didn't take my time to setup the shot as dinner was on it's way (and it shows, imo).

Anyhow, still fun to get my hands on the camera..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a Bird I

It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait, it's just a bird :). I think it's cool though, the form and shape of his wings etc.. You can see why they fly so well. Click twice to zoom in.. Wish I had had my other lens on :(

Balcony afternoon in Feb III

Ok, so last try.. This is called agfa low. Not sure how to tell which is better. Still, no polarizing filter. Shopping?

Balcony afternoon in Feb II

Ok, so just for fun, I thought I would put one more filter up there so you can see the difference. I dunno. Still figuring it all out..

Filters are... fun.. Oh, resisting the urge to buy polarizing filter. :)

Balcony afternoon in Feb I

Ok, I think this one is better. Still not sure I got the hang of this processing. There's so many gizmo's and gadgets...

"Over processed" Balcony afternoon in Feb I

Ok, so "post-processing" is something that I am really new at and not quite sure how to do effectively. I think it's safe to say that this shot can be made to look like it was done in the 1970's. Back to the drawing board....

Ottawa II

Yes, I live beside a hotel. It adds some colour to the neighbourhood.

Ottawa I

This is my town. My home. Ottawa. Go Sens Go!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pink Orchid Rain III

I think this is my favourite scene. I like the indoor rain thing for sure, plus all of the colours you can see in the background.

I also made a video on youtube.

Pink Orchid IV

I love the way the light is hitting the flower on this one. The drops look amazing.

I also made a video on youtube.

Pink Orchid III

I love the colours in the background. A friend crocheted that amazing blanket that really draws your eye, but only a little. I like it.

I also made a video on youtube.

Pink Orchid Rain II

I also made a video on youtube.

Pink Orchid II

Another angle, still beautiful. Was adjusting the background at this point, table still had place mats - did not like the colour combo. Removed them.

I also made a video on youtube.

Pink Orchid Rain I

The effect of "rain" indoors was kind of cool. I liked the effect here.

I also made a video on youtube.

Pink Orchid I

It's hard to find interesting subjects, so I find going back to nature really helpful. I thought the colours in this flower were really interesting and I am happy with how this turned out.

I also made a video on youtube.

Farm dog leaping I Sepia

Playing around with sepia here. Not sure which shot I like better, full colour or this one.

Farm scene VI

A nice full shot of the barns and a four wheeler, every man's choice for weekend entertainment.

Farm scene V

Playing around with "focus" in this shot. I really like the background of the big barn. This hint of colour seems to draw the eye nicely too.

Farm scene IV

Something about an old wooden fence on a farm. Seems like a warm, yet desolate place.

Farm scene III

Farm dog house I

This old dog house scene really spoke to me. It looks so desolate, yet serene.

Farm dog on guard II

All he wants to do is heard the sheep, all day. He is really good at it, trust me.

Farm dog thinking IV

Here he is clearly thinking about making the leap again. He would do this all day, if you let him.