Friday, July 15, 2011

Last Bee of the Night

Ok, last bee, I promise. It sure is hard to get good bee shots. I took close to 300 shots to only be able to use about 10 shots. These suckers sure do move around a lot. I think I need to fix my settings a bit too (as well as practice focusing quickly). These little guys move in about 1-3 seconds.

Take a break already!

Let`s Bee Friends

I think this is a bee, but I could be wrong. It could be a wasp, I have no idea. I suppose I should go look it up, but I am not in the mood to learn right now :)

Found a new and quicker way of getting to the dogpark too, which is awesome. Hopefully I won't have to battle for parking on those 'busy' days.

Homie Bee Hiding..


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eucalypt Leaves ?!?

Picked up this little Koala (A baby koala is known as a joey) the other day.. He's at home in his little tree there..

Too bad he can`t seem to find any eucalypt leaves anywhere, though.